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Full Term Sueno Paradiso

(hybrid - Sativa dominant)
Sueno is a cross of Hindu Kush and Blackberry, that Villa Paradiso has worked on for over eight years. With a smooth palate of bubblegum, and berry sweetness; this flower offers a stimulating and long living blast of alertness, creativity, and motivation, followed closely by a mellowing spell of sleepiness. Best consumed in the evening when you need to get work done, but still want to get to bed on time.

Berry Nectar
(hybrid - balanced Indica/Sativa effects)
The best of Villa Paradiso's Sueno was crossed with the incredible Nectar from Big Foot's Patch (the highly respected and neighboring farmer). What resulted is a phenomenally sexy hybrid. The flowers are frosty with crystal resulting in an almost silvery glow. It's powerful berry aroma is arresting, but what truly surprises are the notes of Anise in the east. The Berry Nectar affords a very pleasant sense of presence, perfect for treating anxiety or depression.
Rattlesnake OG

Rattlesnake OG is a proprietary OG Kush that has been grown by this farmer for years, acclimating to the unique characteristics of the property . This is one of very few OG Kush varieties that’s grown from seed, giving it very consistent properties and a traditional kushy structure. Rattlesnake OG offers a smooth, clean flavor of pine and earth, with a sugar coated lemon aroma. This strain has a relaxing and insightful effect, giving you a peaceful mind to end the evening with.